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Vertical Videos

More people today engage with social media content on their mobile devices than ever before. An important thing to note is that most mobile devices maintain a vertical orientation, making it more critical than ever for agents to consider going vertical with their real estate drone video, virtual media tours, and other listing media.

Professionally shooting and posting videos in a vertical or portrait orientation helps video content take up the entire phone screen. Virtual tours for real estate listings and other video content produced in the vertical orientation are more engaging and easier to understand for potential buyers.

Modern real estate agents must keep their brand ahead of the curve in a competitive marketing environment. Vertical video is an emerging trend that continues to increase in popularity. Filming real estate drone videos and other media in the vertical format can unlock limitless potential for agents looking to engage with their clients and find new and innovative ways to portray their listings.

Horizontal comparison to vertical video

Reach more people.

Fill up the screen with content.

Connect with your audience.

Post engaging reels.

Unlock Real Estate Listing Potential and Expand Your Brand

Vertical video helps provide listing visuals in a more accessible format to online viewers. For example, Rise Visual Media specifically curates our vertical videos to post on your social media platform. Using our professional video services, agents can capture higher levels of engagement and increased interest for all of their real estate listings.

Vertical video offers fewer distractions for viewers watching this content format. Potential buyers will feel less likely to flip away or leave mid-video since our productions take up more real estate on their phone screens.

Intended for viewing on mobile devices and social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, etc., a short, professionally crafted video showcasing listings makes messaging easier for potential new clients to consume and digest quickly while sharing with others.


Vertical listing videos tell a story. You can rely on this format to deliver quick messages or tell complex storylines through multiple entries, the perfect solution when advertising listings for larger commercial complexes like condominiums and apartment buildings.


Rise Visual Media can help you stand out from the pack with vertical videos and drone real estate video content, drawing viewer attention to listings via high-quality media. Our productions help agents convey a sense of professionalism while constructing listings with an immersive experience.


Create impactful video content that comprehensively showcases property listings while keeping an audience engaged until the end. As technology evolves, so too must real estate agents attempting to provide their clients with the best possible services and deliver preeminent results.


Rise Visual Media takes pride in committing to creating engaging and relevant content for Connecticut real estate agents, helping them to build their brands through the most advanced methods possible. Stay ahead of the curve and create engaging listing content while accurately portraying a listing’s best features.


We offer vertical video as a single option, an add-on to your scheduled appointment, or bundled with detailed social media photos for maximum exposure.

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