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The 3 Most Important Shots to Sell Your Listing

It almost goes without saying that every photo we take is important. However, we all know, deep down, that some spaces in a home are more significant than others. This is especially true since the MLS caps us off at 40 photos.

So if we had to choose only 3 features to include in a listing, what would they be?

1 - Front of the House

Beautiful front entrance

Not only is the front of the house the first impression a potential buyer experiences when they arrive, but it's also the first thing they see when they click on the listing. Out of all the photos at a property, this one is the hook.

So we aim to capture the most flattering images of the front so that your listing can stand out!

2 - Kitchen

Bright, white kitchen with stainless appliances

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Of all the rooms in the house, this one demands the most of our attention. We are always drawn to features like islands, sinks, and under-cabinet lighting.

When we can convey the usefulness and character of the kitchen, we can set the tone for the whole shoot.

3 - Primary bedroom

Gorgeous primary bedroom

In a practical sense, the primary bedroom is where you spend most of your time (especially if you get a heavenly 8 hrs of shut-eye). A stellar kitchen combined with a beautiful and spacious primary bedroom makes a deadly 1-2 punch. A bright primary bedroom, showcasing the character of the space, always makes for a more attractive listing. Other pluses we look for are walk-in closets, large bathrooms, and elegant fireplaces.

Even if your house lacks these features, you can focus on staging these rooms and making them the most presentable. To me, these are the heart of the home - something the buyer wants to be confident about.

Let us help you capture it perfectly!

Written By: Adam Ramsay (Media Pro)