Do I really need to use vertical video for my socials?

Quick question, how are you holding your phone?

If you're reading this article on your mobile device, you're most likely holding it vertically! So why should you make your next post on social a "vertical post"?

Here are a few thoughts:

Vertical Videos get more traction.

Approximately 95% of smartphone users engage with social media vertically - in fact, studies show that most people don't turn their phone sideways to view most of what they watch, let alone turn the phone horizontally to view an ad. Along the same line of thinking, 90% of vertical videos perform better than their horizontal counterparts - even if it's the EXACT. SAME. VIDEO. Put simply, people engage more with vertical videos. And these days, engagement is the name of the game when we're talking about marketing on social media.

Vertical Videos are relevant and seem to be on an endless upward trend.

Did you know that 80% of all social media traffic comes from mobile devices?

AND "still images," while remaining essential to bolster your feed, simply can not garner the attention and appetite of these users. You need to communicate your content vertically and with video - this is what will keep people's attention. Maybe it's a fad, time will tell, but right now, it's a feeding frenzy for vertical video.

Social Media has moved on from "horizontal."

Reels have taken over social media. In fact, they basically saved Instagram's life. TikTok and Snapchat (and Vine - RIP) totally flipped content upside down - they shoved 5-10 second videos before our eyes, and we fell in love. And all of these videos are ________ (yea you got it, vertical). When IG hopped on the fad by installing Reels and Stories, it was game over - next thing you know, Apple and Google are advertising with vertical videos - even at the Super Bowl!

In summary, most of what we send, view, and record in our day-to-day interactions are now vertical compared to the traditional horizontal aspect ratio.

The majority of our media consumption today is done on our phones, and the orientation of the video has to match our casual orientation to our phone, which is vertical. This new viewing method has literally changed the shape of our media, and it will most likely stay this way until the next widely excepted platform changes the game again.

Written By: Adam Ramsay (Media Pro)