3 ways floor plans can help your Real Estate career.

Long before cameras and drones were industry standard, blueprints and architectural sketches were the main means of advertising a property to a prospective buyer. Fast forward to our 2022 visually dominated culture, and floor plans are seen merely as a convenient add on when you want to spruce your listing up a bit. But as the industry has moved on to visual media, maybe we’ve lost a bit of the practical advantages that floor plans provide.


  1. Floor plans help your buyers visualize the space. While it may be a bit boring to look at, personally I find it incredibly satisfying, a floor plan provides the dimensions of each room down to the inch. This gives a huge advantage to buyers who are scoping out the house in hopes of moving in. They don’t have to guess how much space there is in the living room for their new sectional they just bought or if their queen bed will fit in the guest room. Solid data via precise measurements help the buyer visualize the space and it very well could be the data they need to push them to book a showing.

  2. Floor plans are a great way to capture the whole space regardless of the clutter. In a perfect world when photo day comes around every house is spotless. But let's be honest, we don’t live in that world. Things happen whether it’s unprepared sellers or just too much clutter, not every room is always photo ready. Floor plans provide a great solution to this - floor plans can be created in any condition. You can provide a visual representation of each room without having to show the packed boxes or dirty laundry. This is always our first suggestion on site when a house isn’t quite ready for photos.

  3. Floor plans help your listings standout! As it stands in the June of ‘22 (and things are shifting quickly) - the real competition in real estate is not selling listings, it’s generating them. Every small step you take to improve your clients listings actually helps you generate the next listing. The floor plan is helpful to sell the listing you have but it also helps you secure the next listing. By paying close attention to detail and taking advantage of all of the services that exist on the market today, you can easily demonstrate to future clients that you are dedicated to each and every listing. Floor plans become another piece of the puzzle in attracting buyers but also impressing sellers.

Written By: Adam Ramsay (Media Pro)