3 reasons to get aerials when marketing a new listing.

Updated: Jul 7

Let's start with a bit of trivia. Which of these names did Rise Visual Media begin as?

A. Shoreline Media Group

B. Rise to the occasion Wedding Photography

C. Shoreline Drone Solutions

D. Eddies Photo Shack

In 2016 our founder Ed saw an emerging market for aerial photography that was blossoming out of the fast-paced evolution of remote-controlled drone technology. So he bought one, and the rest is history. ( simple as that 😉 )

If you guessed C from the choices above, then you'd be correct!

I personally love shooting with my drone for new listings! I love it not just because it's incredibly fun to fly but because the vertical aspect of photography and videography is a game-changer. It takes the images of a house to a whole new level (pun intended). We believe there are lots of reasons for you to get aerials on your next listing, but let's talk about these three:

1. Aerials add variety to your listings.

We've talked about this before, but that's because we believe it. In this market, the name of the game is differentiation. We believe standing out with premium real estate aerials will most certainly help you generate more listings. Aerial photos are professional-level media that showcase an agent's attention to detail and dedication to each and every listing. Not just that, but it mixes up the views you see anywhere from 8ft to 400ft above the ground. The vertical range opens up tons of new angles to showcase the property perfectly.

2. Aerials show off the location in a unique way.

As our old name suggests, we capture lots of coastal Images. Connecticut is well known for having plenty of shoreline, riverfront and lakeside properties. This makes adding Aerials a MUST in todays market, but let's be honest - aerials are the perfect way to showcase the value of any property. Whether you're looking to feature pristine landscaping, a big yard, nearby hiking, or other local attractions, aerials are proven to highlight the value of a property that may have been missed otherwise.

3. Aerials are great for commercial listings and land sales.

In the last few months we've actually seen an uptick in the use of aerial photography for commercial listings and land sales. Signaling that a birds-eye view is sometimes exactly what you need to showcase the value of a listing to a potential buyer, especially if a buyer is out of state. In conclusion, Drone Photography and Videography are perfect ways to capture your next commercial listing, no matter the size or condition. Give us a call or send a quick email, and we'll be happy to chat about your next project!

Written By: Adam Ramsay (Media Pro)